mix energético.jpgUnit 5 Renewable Energy. Energy mixed

What are we going to do in this Unit?

* Analyze the Spanish Energy sources.

* Listen and discuss about the Energy resources available.

* Follow the “Life cycle of the Energy”

* Know about the 0.3 Energy report.

* Break down a Spanish electrical bill.

What are we going to practice?

- Expressing doubt, probability.

- Uses of the preposition <contra>

- Expressions: Estar a favor de... / Estar en contra de...

What we are going to create?

Final Task:

- Make a presentation of an electrical bill of your country breaking down the main data.

- Record the presentation on Screenr tool

- Publish the task in the Classroom-Blog

In addition...

+ Assess your knowledge.

+ Fill up the general and technical storage memory.

+ Participate in the video chat.

+ Interact with:@comunidadelde

Skills: Listening & Reading Comprehension / Speaking & Writing Expression / Speaking & Writing Interaction.