mercados.jpgUnit 4 Going to gain Markets !...

What we are going to do in this Unit

* Know how is a Marketing schem.

* Analyze the market planning.

* Develop a Market research.

* Know some business tools to gain markets..

* Assess a value chain.

* Discuss about the biggest opponent of the investment: The Corruption.

What we are going to practice?

- Expressing desires.

- Imperfect subjunctive/ Pluperfect subjunctive.

- The Conditional .

What we are going to create?

Final Task:

- Choose a Spanish speaker country where you would like to establish a business and other country where you wouldn't,

according to the report: Los mejores países para vivir en Latinoamérica.

- Make a report about the decisions adopted.

- Record the report using audiBoo tool.

- Publish the task in the Classroom-Blog.

In addition...

+ Assess your knowledge.

+ Fill up the general and technical storage memory .

+ Participate in the video chat.

+ Interact with: @comunidadelde

Skills: Listening & Reading Comprehension / Speaking & Writing Expressions / Speaking & Writing Interaction.