conexiones.jpgUnit 3 Companies & Globalization...

What we are going to do in this Unit?

* Know the World Economic Forum.

* Practice with some easy instructions to design a successful business project.

* How to elaborate a real business project: Project EKIN.

* Some successful companies in Costa Rica.

* An extraordinary case: Starbucks.

What we are going to practice?

- Express: Location. Position. Direction.

- Uses of prepositions.

- Place or location adverbs.

What we are going to create?

Final Task:

- Make a presentation about a successful international company:

- Localization/ Products and services/ Markets/ Figures/ etc.

- Record the guidelines using screenr tool.

- Publish the task in the Classroom-Blog.

In addition...

+ Assess your knowledge.

+ Fill up the general and technical storage memory .

+ Participate in the video chat.

+ Interact with: @comunidadelde

Skills: Listening & Reading Comprehension / Speaking & Writing Expressions / Speaking & Writing Interaction.